Jan. 2nd, 2017

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 So I did a bit of early spring cleaning today, and ended up finding my credit card for my health benefits I'd been looking for!  I was like "OMG!  Now I don't have to pay out of my ass for my medication, or to go to the doctor."  My health insurance has a really pricey deductible so I was still trying to pay that down, and that made my payments for my meds, and doctor visits somewhat expensive.  I was paying out of pocket which I really couldn't afford.  This is great because my job contributes money to this particular card, and gives you incentives if you don't smoke and other things.  This means that I can use that card, and not have to spend my own money on medical expenses.  Needless to say my 2017 is getting off to a decent start.

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As for gaming this my collectors edition of FFXII came in the mail recently, and the packaging is pretty snazzy.  It comes with a bonus dvd with special features.  I've never seen packaging like this for PS2 games so I was impressed with the case xD!  

In other news I never did any recaps for my favorite albums of 2016 so I'll do it now.  I'll just list them in no particular order.I think that's about it.  If it's not here then I haven't listened to it yet.  I still have a few albums from last year that I need to listen to fully.  I like to give albums my full attention.  I can say I'm defiantly more of an album person more so than a singles person.  I really dig that Touche Amore record a lot.  It's about the vocalist's mother who died of cancer so you can really fell the singer's pain in a lot of the songs.  These are a mixture of different albums from different genres.  I just put them all there together because it's easier.  


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