Jan. 25th, 2017

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 Yesterday I had to go to Jury Duty because I'd gotten a summons earlier in the month.  Most people (including myself), really hate serving on a jury here, but people acknowledge that it's a good thing to have a jury of your peers.  I was really anxious that I would get picked, and had been dreading it for a while.  So when I got there they had everyone sit in a massive sized jury room, and we waited...and waited, and waited.  My god the waiting was probably the worst part.  I sat next o some old guy who kept acting like he didn't want me to touch him for some reason, and another lady.  I'm used to older white people here being bigots so that didn't phase me one bit.  I took out my phone, and opened my NES emulator app and started playing Legend of Zelda to distract myself.  

After away they picked people for the first few trials, and then we were told we were "taking a break until 10:30", much to the dismay of everyone there.  I got up and went to the restroom, and came back.  I made sure to sit somewhere else where I wouldn't have to sit next to anyone cause (people = nope), and continued playing Zelda.  Eventually a really nice lady came and sat next to me, and asked me if I'd done this before.  I told her I had, and that I'd served on a civil trial for 3 days.  She told me she'd served on a trial for 5 days, and that she'd gotten used to the whole jury process at this point.  After the break the announcer guy tells us that we were all free to go, and then goes "Wait!  I think we have one more trial!" which was quite annoying.  I was pretty certain they would call my number since I was juror 312, and they were getting close to the 200's.  I caught a very close break when the last trial ended at number 299.  Then they called a roll call of the people that were still there, and we were told we could leave.  I was relieved  that I hadn't been picked, because the time for the last trial didn't start till 1pm, and the people that were there had to wait until then to go up to the court room.  

I left the parking garage and encounter some rude driver who came the wrong gate and proceeded to jump in the turning lane in front of me.  After the whole getting up early, dealing with everything I'd decided that I deserved to treat myself, and stopped to get myself a burger because I was hungry.  I was so glad to be home after that was over. I really hate getting picked for jury duty.  My anxiety goes into overdrive, and I just want to get the fuck outta there.  


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