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    My week was surprisingly good.  I've had a new rule when it comes to idiot people in public, or at work  I just ignore them.  I downloaded a NES emulator app for my phone, and that's been a good distraction from people lately.  In particular the psycho girl at my job that I felt like was stalking me at a certain point even took the hint.  I've also realized that I get along better with people a lot older than me, as opposed to people my own age.  It's always been that way for me honestly.

My parents and I have been trying to get everything ready for the Panama trip this summer.  I'm excited about leaving the country for the first time.  I need a break from Texas.  The people here put me in such a foul mood sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from this place.

I bought some new video game stuff.  I've been on a huge final fantasy kick lately (like most days), and I decided to complete some of my FF collection and get these guys.

I'm a sucker for older JRPG's so I had to get these.  Also Squre Enix had a huge sale for the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy so I got both of these for about $10 a piece.  Not too bad for new games.  

Also I got these because my last gameboy I bought didn't have a backlit screen so I settled for this Japanese Gameboy Advance SP in blue.  Also These 2 games, as well as Street Fighter V which isn't pictured here.  I still have a few issues with the way Capcom is marketing SFV so I'm slightly pissed off at them.  They basically thought it was a good idea to charge you for like 2 separate seasons of DLC which is criminal.  Luckily for me the Playstation store had season 1's dlc on sale for $9.99 so I went ahead and bought season 1.  I got that deluxe edition of Titanfall 2 for only $25 on ebay brand new.  I've been finding some great deals lately.  Titanfall 2 is amazing so far!  I love how they expanded on the last game, and made a one player campaign mode for this one.  

Aside from video games I've been listening to a bit of music.  I've been listening to lots of Balance and Composure, Code Orange, Anathema, Kamelot, Katatonia, Lacuna Coil, D'espairsray, Title Fight, and a few others.  

Also I heard the new Linkin Park song, and it's not what I expected from them.  I think they've forgotten they're a rock  I mean I guess it's not completely terrible for a pop song, but it's not what I would expect from them.  Needless to say I probably won't be buying their new album.  I guess I should have predicted they would go more in this direction considering the past few singles they've been putting out.  I do like the female vocals in the song a lot more than Chester's.  If she wasn't in the song it would probably be really boring.  Chester's vocals have really gone downhill in the past couple of years.  

Date: 2017-02-22 04:41 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] os
I need a break from Texas. I'm with you on that.

Date: 2017-02-25 01:04 am (UTC)
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I mostly get along with older people more as well.

I felt like that about Texas when I lived there, but now that I live in Florida I feel like I don't know what I had lol. But in general I think it is good to have a change of scenery every now and then.

I've never seen that handheld before- it's cute!

I stumbled upon the new LP song coincidentally when I was watching a video of them playing an old Street Fighter game haha. I like the female vocals too. I actually know of Kiiara from her song Gold that's been pretty popular. But yeah RIP Chester's voice.

Date: 2017-02-26 12:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] entwines
Here is the video I was talking about.


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