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 This week was exhausting for me.  I swear everyday I came home from work I went straight to sleep.  I'm not sure why I've been so tired, but today I'm feeling a bit better and less tired.  I think it was because this weekend we had that birthday dinner for my mom, and I ended up having to drive.  If there's one thing you should know about me it's that driving stresses me out a bit.  We ended up having to sit in traffic which was fine.  Apparently an SUV had turned over, and it looked like a bad accident.  I do hope that the people were okay.  I had a hard time finding the restaurant because they'd changed a lot of things since I'd been to that part of town.  I finally saw the sign while we were driving around, and proceeded to park.  After I parked someone pulled up right next to me giving me no time to react.  I was frustrated after that, but my mom told me later that the reason I had trouble parking was because there was a black truck already parked to my right that was parked wrong, and all over the line.  People here drive like idiots I swear.  That aside we had a great time at the restaurant for my mom's birthday. 

Other than that I did some drawing early yesterday morning, and it felt good.  I might post some of my doodles, or random drawings sometime whenever I get the chance to scan them.  

Oh and I got my passport in the mail for my trip.  I'm super exited about going to Panama now!  It's going to be fun.  :)

Also I've been listening to more music lately.  I got my spotify account back so now I can listen to new albums whenever they come on streaming.  I read somewhere that Tool was going to start putting there music on streaming services.  That's super awesome!  There are a few albums, and EP's of there's that I haven't listened to that I want to hear.  So I'm looking forward to that.  As always been listening to a lot of Deftones, and also Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, and some Lacuna Coil.  Speaking of LC they just put out a new video for one of my favorite tracks off their new album.  I like the video a lot.  They've been doing a lot of darker concepts with the newer album, and I like it a lot.  Also can Cristina get any more attractive?  I swear...that woman is so gorgeous.  Speaking of that my friend swears that I have a thing for Italian  I never thought about it, but she could be on to something. ;)

Someone asked to see my gaming setup so here are some pictures.  It's nothing spectacular, and I don't have a ton of games really, but since I'm getting back into gaming I've been collecting more games.  I do emulate some older systems like the NES, N64, and a few other retro systems that I don't have.  I've been considering getting a retro system (besides my PS2 if that counts), but I'm happy with my setup for now.

Here's where I store my games in my cabinet under my TV.  You'll see a few controllers for my PS2, and PS4 as well as my Gameboy Advance SP in a case, and gaming headphones for my PS4, and PC.  The gameboy games are in the case with the Gameboy since I only have 4 games xD!  I do have a Zelda game on GB so that counts for something I guess. That black leather CD holder on top of the PS2 games is where I store my PS1 games that don't have cases.  As you can see I was playing Fallout 4 recently so that's why it's sort of on top of that PS4 controller.  I have twice as many PS4 games downloaded to my PS4 so you could say half my collection for that console is digital games.  Also I'm running out of space so I guess I'll have start stacking games on top of other games XD!  

Here's a list of PS1 games that are in that case that I have. 

A better pic of the PS2 games.  That unlabeled Wii game is Wii Sports Resort.  Someone just put it in a random case whenever I bought it lol.  

Here's the PS2 with my poor dusty TV cabinet.  I need to get another cabinet tbh.  I have been looking.  I've had that one since I was a kid actually. D:

Here's the PS4 with the black controller, and my external HD plugged into it.  

My Wii mini along with my controllers, charging dock, and randomly my iPod classic.  After doing my research I wish I could have gotten the Wii U instead of the Wii mini, but at the time this was good for my budget.  I really like the controller colors.  

I do have a chair but it's one of those chairs that you can fold up and store away somewhere.  I have a small room so I figured that was best.  I don't have a pic of it but it's super comfy, and it gets the job done.  

Date: 2017-03-29 12:30 am (UTC)
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If there's one thing you should know about me it's that driving stresses me out a bit. Me too, 'cept when there's hardly any other vehicles on the road, which is rare around here.

When a parking lot's stuffed and you notice a spot only to realize it's available is because the person in the next spot parked way over the line!! Sometimes finding a parking spot can be just as stressful as the rest of it xP

That's cool that you had good time at the restaurant :)

Date: 2017-03-30 12:23 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] entwines
I'm stressed out watching other people drive (mostly because of the other drivers on the road), so I'm not excited to learn myself. Glad you had a nice time at the restaurant though.

I'm liking that Lacuna Coil song, and Cristina looks gorgeous as always. I love her hair!

Nice gaming setup. That's a really great collection of games. You're making me miss my PS2 even more.


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