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I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. I had a really good Christmas, and I got a lot of great gifts. I received mostly clothes, and a neat bluetooth speaker that's shaped like a fancy sports car. This particular gift I bought for myself with an amazon gift card...

So I officially feel like I've gotten back into gaming again. I had some money on my amazon account so I bought a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for my Wii, and Final Fantasy XII for my PS2.(still waiting for it to come in the mail)  It feels good to be back into gaming again. I've played a bit of Titan Fall which is fun. I actually suck at COD at this point, but I'm getting better. I have to get using the sensor for the Wii remote. I've also been playing a few older games. I'm considering buying the PC version of Minecraft since my friend recommended playing it. I saw a few play-through's on Youtube, and it looks pretty fun.

Speaking of Youtube I have a new favorite Youtuber, and his name is Terry Song. He's a Korean American guy living in Seoul, and he does mostly reaction videos. He seems like a really cool dude. I really like his video for the Try Not to Laugh challenge so check it out here.

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Other than that I've been watching a few videos of Gamers freaking out when they loose at a video game, and it's pretty extreme. Things like them breaking the TV, or breaking the console are just really stupid to me. Most of these people are really young, and they didn't even pay for the the $400+ console they're destroying. I will never understand people getting angry at video games. I will say that I used to be somewhat like that when I was younger, but I never destroyed any of my stuff. I guess I was smarter than that. I've also noticed that they're mostly XBox users? That explains a lot actually. Anyway here's one of the videos. angry gamers inside... )
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 So I figured I'd post a regular entry about what's been going on with me.  These past few weeks the weather has finally turned cold.  I for one really love the fall/winter seasons.  The only thing I don't like is me possibly getting sick.  I almost got sick a couple of days ago, but my mom basically forced me to take cold meds until all my symptoms passed.  These past few days I've been trying to avoid the cold weather, and stay indoors aside from going to work.  

I've finished most of my Christmas shopping I'm glad to say.  I also finished wrapping gifts yesterday which felt good.  I tend to put it off until the last minute, but I decided to finish wrapping everything yesterday.  Also it was really cold, and raining a lot yesterday.  Our mail man didn't show up until about 6:30 pm yesterday evening which is very unusual.  So I had to run outside in the cold, wet, and rainy weather (also it gets darker earlier so it looked later than it was), and get the mail out of the mailbox because no one else in my house wants to do it for some reason.  That aside I've been doing okay.

I've been getting back into gaming lately which is cool.  I'm playing Titanfall for PC, and I'm enjoying it a lot.  I don't have a lot of experience with PC gaming, but it's a lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be.  I also saw a bit of the trailer for Final Fantasy 15, and it looks amazing!  I used to be a huge fan of the franchise since FF7.  I'm really bad at RPG's, but I did try to play that one when I was younger.  I especially enjoyed 7 because I liked the characters, and the overall gameplay.  

Aside from gaming I've been watching the show Black Mirror on netflix, and It's really interesting.  It's like a modern take on The Twilight Zone with the focus being on technology.  I would say it's a dark, suspense, thriller type of show.  My favorite so far has been "San Junipero" from season 3 because yay for lesbian romance themes, and it was really sweet yet sad.  I also liked "White Christmas", and "Nosedive".  I highly recommend checking it out if your into shows with darker/horror type themes.  Now I'll go back to watching another episode of the show because this particular one is really interesting.  
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I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving.  Mine was actually pretty good.  The only thing that really happened was my aunt freaking out because my cousin wanted to bring her new boyfriend to thanksgiving dinner.  She was pissed at my cousin because "she didn't formally introduce him to her."  So because of that she'd already decided she didn't like the guy.  They had a few words on facebook, and that was that.  She told my cousin that if she was going to show up with him then she couldn't come.  Wtf?  My sister wasn't happy about that, and told her she was being very petty.  Luckily my cousin ended up coming anyway.  My aunt left before she showed up which wasn't surprising.  

That was the only family drama we had, which was pretty good.  That aside I actually enjoyed myself, and ended up talking with my family most of the time.  I usually just stay in my room the whole time, but I was pretty sociable this time around with my family.  I think that the meds I'm taking really have been helping me with social situations, and my overall issues with anxiety.  

I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping between this week, and last week, and I'm glad that I got a lot of it done.  I bought myself 3 video games.  Sonic Colors for my Wii, and Soul Calibur 2 for the PS2, and Titanfall for PC.  I'm trying to get back into gaming.  It's been really fun so far!  Sonic Colors is really awesome, and a lot more fun than I could have imagined.  I'm still waiting on Soul Calibur 2 to come in the mail.  The postman almost forgot to deliver several of our packages yesterday which was annoying.  He came back twice, and delivered everything which was a relief.  I bought 3 anime box from Right Stuff since they were also having a sale.  That package came yesterday.  The anime I bought were Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex the complete collection, Saiyuki the complete collection, and New Dominion Tank Police the series.  My download of Titanfall is almost done so I'm going to play that as soon as it finishes.  I'm a sucker for first person shooters.  My early experience with FPS's started with Metal Gear Solid, Max PayneGoldeneye, and Doom when I was younger.  I'd say those were good introduction to those type of games.   

I've been pretty much avoiding the news media, and politics in general for the sake of my mental health.  I'm aware of all the things that are happening, but I'm trying not to focus on it.  I've found that prolonged exposure to negative media really has a bad effect on my mental health.  It's caused me to have many anxiety attacks, and other mental health related issues.  Therefore I've been trying to find healthy alternatives to keep me in an overall positive state of mind.  It's been working pretty well so far.  Also I bought these really cute pikachu slippers.  

Well my game is almost finished downloading.  Later guys. :)
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    I'm slightly sore this morning.  I woke up, and my neck muscles felt really stiff.  I figured I slept wrong since last night since I fell asleep rather quickly.  Yesterday was sort of weird because I had a whirlwind of emotions going through my brain.  I'm not sure what was wrong with me yesterday, but it was strange.  I just decided to write it off as one of those days where I wasn't myself.

     My mom is doing a lot better.  My dad took her to her doctor's appointment this morning for a another follow up, and to see if she would have to have any further surgery on her arm.  I'm really hoping she doesn't, but if she has to I'll do what I can to help out around the house.  
     My Mom's birthday was last Tuesday, and my dad decided we would go out to eat that evening.  We had a really good time.  I was afraid that the Mexican restaurant we were going to would be crowded, because of the part of town it was in, but it turns out we went at a good time and didn't have to wait long.  We laughed and talked about family, friends, and other things.  It was really nice.  On Saturday my sister took my mom out to eat again for her birthday. and took her shopping.  I was initially worried about her birthday not turning out great due to her arm injury, but she had a great time.  
   As for me I decided to play some old video games on my Playstation 2 the other day, and it was fun!  I haven't played video games in years so it was nice to play games I used to really love like Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, and a few others.  Of course when I first began playing I lost XD!  I just figured I would have to play more to not be so rusty.  I also need to buy some new games.  I have some really old games, and despite it being a PS2 I should get a few more games for the thing.

    In terms of music I've been listening to new albums by Nightwish, and Moonspell.  Both are fantastic metal albums, and I highly recommend them if your into that genre of music.  For some reason I've also been on a Depeche Mode kick lately.  Mainly "Songs of Faith and Devotion", "Black Celebration", and "Violator."   I've also been listening to Rap Monster's mixtape "RM", and it was surprisingly good.  I could do without some of the language, but that's to be expected in hip-hop/rap music to be honest.  I really like some of the lyrics to some of the songs.  I'm glad that he made it a personal album.  Also the new MFBTY (Bizzy, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae) album is fantastic!  Their music is usually pretty good though.  


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