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     My mom decided to have my birthday dinner yesterday evening at Olive Garden after I'd gotten off work.  We got there around 6pm, and everybody was already there mostly.  It was super crowded which made a little anxious.  While we waited for a table I checked twitter for E3 updates since it already started.  We were seated soon after, and my niece Shelbi was unusually quiet for some reason.  My sister mentioned it was because she wasn't a fan of pasta, and she didn't know what to get.  We talked a bit about movies.  My mom, and I had just seen Wonder Woman, and recently Get Out so we talked about those movies.  

     The food finally came, and we ate.  My food was pretty good, but Shelbi wasn't too happy with hers because some of her food was cold.  She kept trying to get the waiter's attention, but he kept forgetting her salad dressing, and extra cheese.  To be fair it was really crowded so he probably had a bunch of tables to wait.  My sister mentioned an activity her, and her friends had recently done in which they went to a hotel played a game that was sort of like "Clue" in which you had to guess who the killer was.  It sounded super fun actually.  Apparently there were actors there, and they didn't know which people were actors so it played out like a live game of Clue.  We also talked about our upcoming trip to Panama that's coming up.  I'm really looking forward to that.  After that we paid for the dinner, and stood outside for a while and talked after my sister's boyfriend showed up to wish me a happy birthday.  Since I'd been to work that day I was really exhausted.  My sister gave me a $25 gift card to Target so mom, and I decided to make a trip to Target before we went home.  I picked up a shirt for my dad for father's day, a cute Mario/Yoshi shirt for myself, and PS4 dual controller charger.

    Now for E3 roundups.  The only panel I watched so far was Microsoft's panel talking about their new system coming out (XBox One X I believeit's called.)  They also talked about a bunch of exclusives for the system.  These are the games that I thought were interesting so far.  I think a lot of these are timed exclusives?  That's what I keep hearing anyway.    I'm mostly waiting for Sony's panel at 5pm today, and Nintendo's panel tomorrow.  I'm super hyped for any Nintendo Switch releases.  At first I wasn't too sure about all the Wii U ports being put on the Switch, but honestly more games is always a good thing.  I've never owned an Xbox system so I'm not sold on the Xbox One X tbh.  I've considered buying one of the older systems in the future though because of Half-Life 2, Halo, and a few other franchises that I've never played.  I'm really looking forward to seeing sony's exclusive announcements like maybe The Last of Us 2 since I really loved the first game.  We'll see what happens. :D  

I just watched Ubisoft, and Sony's conferences, and honestly Sony's was pretty lackluster.  Ubisoft actually had a lot of solid releases lined up this year.  Sony on the other hand only had 1 new game release for 2017 which was really a let down.  Their biggest titles down come out until 2018.  Needless to say these are the games that seem really interesting so far.  

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 Well this past week seemed like it took forever to be over, but now I'm finally on vacation from work!  My birthday is Thursday, but as of yet I don't have any plans aside from ordering pizza, and having a few family members over.  Oh that annoying girl finally started leaving me alone at work after she spoke one day, and I gave her the death glare.  She hasn't bothered me since..lmao.  I'm not used to being overtly mean to people so I still feel about it, but I had to make my message as clear as possible.

Also I know this award wasn't a huge deal, but BTS (Bangtan Boys) won the social media award at the billboard awards, and they looked great!  It was great to see Namjoon living up to his leader role, and giving great answers to the interview questions, and leading the boys throughout the award show.  Also It was nice that the audience stood up when their win was announced.  I was anxious it was going to be a situation similar to what happened when Rain attended a American awards show, but it seems like they were well received by everyone.  V was being a total ham, and strutted down the isle with his  This is such a huge career booster for the boys, and I'm very happy for them.  :)  I haven't been this proud of a K-pop group in a long time.  Good work boys. :)

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In other news I've been listening to the new album by the supergroup Dreamcar that consists of members of No Doubt, and AFI.  I'm really digging their new album.  It's very 80's new wave inspired which is always a good thing, and miles better than anything their respected groups have put out in a while.  So far my favorites are: After I Confessed, Show Me Mercy, and The Assailant.  The new Linkin Park album however is a lot worse than I imagined it would be.  I couldn't make it past track 3, and I was streaming it on Spotify.  It's just not a good album at all IMO.  However the new album by Pallbearer "Heartless", is fantastic, as well as the new Slowdive record.  

As for gaming I'm truly at the end of BoTW, and I'm preparing to head to the castle at this point.  I've also been playing Persona 5, and finally making some progress.  I have too many games to catch up on, but I will do that this week since I'm on vacation from work. 
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 I'm officially old now.  I only have one message of facebook so far.  To be honest facebook makes me not look forward to birthdays. Mainly because no one texts, or calls you anymore.  Everyone just posts on facebook which is lame since I don't use facebook all that much.  Either way I don't have a lot of plans for today.  I'll be doing some shopping later on, and my parents are taking me out to dinner on Friday with a few other family members.  To be honest birthdays are somewhat awkward for me because I don't get that excited about them.  Anyway Here's a snarky song that fits my overall dark, sarcastic humor and it's about birthdays.

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Next Wednesday to be exact.  I'm sort of excited because my friend suggested we hang out and do stuff since our birthdays are in the same month.  Also I still have to get her a gift so I plan on doing it then.  I'm terrible at remembering dates especially birthdays.  Having people on facebook helps with that though.  

I'm almost finished the with project I'm supposed to do for that guy, and it turned out really good.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out before I scanned the drawings in photoshop, but it turned out great.  I'll be glad to be finally done I with that project so I can do some artwork for myself.

I dyed the ends of my hair purple today.  My mom helped me, and it was a long process but it came out great.  Also the hair dye smells like grape so that was a nice surprise.  

Last night I found this interesting video explaining the plot of Evangelion, and it makes a lot of sense.  Eva is one of those anime that isn't exactly easy to understand.  In fact me and my friend often make jokes referencing that.  So I found this youtube video with this guy explaining the entire plot in 7 minutes which is awesome.  The big ending for the End of Evangelion makes a lot of references to a philosopher named Hegel, and his theories about human consciousness.  It's pretty interesting, and I'm probably going to re-watch the series in proper order so I can make sense of everything.  

I caved in and bought another anime box set today xD!  This time it's "Fate Stay Night" because I've been wanting to check it out for a while, and keep hearing it's pretty good.  It was only $5 on Rightstuff so I really couldn't turn it down.  I'm really glad that I've gotten back into things I used to like such as anime, shows, movies etc.  When I was going through a really bad depression at the end of last year I didn't enjoy doing anything.  I felt like a shell of a person.  It's good to feel like myself again.

Speaking of interesting anime stuff my friend told me about these videos where these blacksmiths recreate anime weapons as real functional weapons.  They made the Dragonslayer from Berserk, and they said it was one of the most difficult weapons they've created mainly because of the size.  I've always been interested in swords to be honest.  I really was when I first started taking karate classes when I was a young child.  I have a Japanese Samurai Katana that my parents helped me buy when I was younger.  I'll have to take pictures of it one day.

Now I'm going to go do some reading. 
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      I just got off work a few hours ago, and now I'm relaxing.  My mom went to a sort of Mother's Day event that my sister was having at her house.  I was initially supposed to go, but my allergies have got me down, and I feel horrible.  I think it's mainly the Summer when my allergies usually flare up like this.  I take it in stride I suppose.  I just took a pill for allergy relief, and it finally seems to be working.  I did buy my mom some PJ's, and a nice card for mother's day.  

     My dad started working night shift last week, and he's been really struggling getting used to the new schedule.  My mother has also been struggling due to the fact he's not there with her when she goes to sleep at night.  

     My grandmother had to be rushed to the hospital this morning.  She'd previously had surgery on her leg, and her leg started bleeding.  She's doing better now, and is back home.  She ended up bleeding a lot because she did too much after having her procedure done.  She realizes how serious this all is now, and she's been taking it easy since this morning.  I don't think she took it that seriously at first, and she tried doing too much too soon.  Anyway I was glad to hear she's doing better.  

     I got my Ghost in the Shell Motoko Kusanagi figma last week, and it's really neat!  It's a lot smaller than I thought she would be, but she's very detailed.  She also has detachable boobs which I find highly amusing.  My cousin is amused at me collecting anime figures for some reason.  My mom literally called it "collecting dolls", but then she said she was just kidding xD!   Speaking of anime Rightstuf is having a pretty good sale on a bunch of their anime dvds, and other things.  I bought a few things that I'd been looking for.  

My birthday is in a few weeks, and I'm sort of looking forward to it.  My sister is planning a painting party where everyone paints pictures.  It should be fun.  I plan on dying my hair before my birthday.  I picked this vibrant purple color so I hope it turns out well.  Well that's all for now. 
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     I'm officially 30 now.  I'm not sure how I feel about yet since I just woke up, and I'm still groggy.  The family is supposed to be taking me out to eat this evening.  Last week my friend and I went to a few book stores, and looked around for a while.  She bought me 1 book, and 1 LP record for my birthday.  I bought her a couple of books since her birthday was earlier that month, and I wanted to get her something.  We spent the rest of that day watching a few old concert videos, and laughing and talking.  Overall it was a great day.  I'm glad that we've been spending more time together.  I'll post my gifts in the next post as one of my gifts is a new media cabinet for my CDs.  I've got a bunch of CD's/Vinyl records scattered all over the place in my room until I put the new media unit in.  It's a really nice unit though, and even though I had to make room for it, it's totally worth it.  
     In other news I've been watching Game of Thrones, and I'm not to pleased with the direction they're taking this show.  I mean every other episode is literally 'female character gets raped, male character saves her, female character almost gets raped.'  It's really ridiculous at this point.  I'll probably take a break from the show and start reading the books.  I hate what they're doing to Sansa's character.  She does not deserve all the crap that's been happening to her. T_T

     The weather here has been really insane lately.  Yesterday there were flood advisory's all day long, and downtown flooded in a lot of places.  It rained literally all weekend, and hasn't really let up that much.  

     I found out the other day that Coal Chamber put out a new album recently.  I remember listening to them in high-school, and being addicted to their song "Sway" so much as a teenager.  As for other music since I've almost abandoned K-pop completely I've been listening to some classic korean heavy metal from the 80's.  I was really surprised at how much of a metal scene they had in the 80's.  Most of it was hair metal, but there are some real gems if you look hard enough.  The band's I've discovered so far are Crash, Armageddon, Blackhole, and a few others that I still need to check out.  I haven't abandoned Korean music completely I just haven't really been enjoying most Kpop that's come out this year so I've moved on to other genres. 

     My dad just made us breakfast so I'm going to go enjoy some sausage, and pancakes. Later. :)
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My dad actually walked by my room, looked at me, and didn't say anything...smh. 
He just came in and hugged me and told me happy birthday. :D

  Anyway, I'm 29 *shudder* but I'm not too torn up about it.  I've already gotten some cool gifts.  My best friend got me this really huge X-Men encyclopedia type book that's so huge it won't fit in my book shelf xD!  I ordered my self The Sisters Of Mercy "Floodland" 2013 limited edition version on vinyl last week.  I've still got last weeks concert on my mind because it was so wonderful.  I'll also probably go see the new X-Men movie tomorrow, and hope that it's decent.  I've had a good vacation from work so far. I hope you all are doing well.  


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