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     Here's a post that isn't completely about E3.  This morning I got up, and called my doctor because I could have sworn I had an appointment this morning, and they hadn't called or notified me.  It turns out my doctor's appointment isn't until next Wednesday.  After that I went back to sleep for a little while, and got up to make me some coffee.  I did a few chores, and checked my emails an social media stuff.  

     I've been reading a bit lately.  Mostly some of the Wonder Woman Rebirth comics, as well as "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman.  My friend bought a limited edition version of American Gods for X-mas, and I've just now gotten into reading it.  It's really interesting.  I caught a glimpse of the series, and now I think I'm just going to read the book before I watch the show.  

     As for music I've been listening to all sorts of stuff.  I've been on a doom metal kick so lately it's been lots of Type O Negative, Pallbearer, and other stuff like Siouxsie and the Banshees as well as a newer band called Priests that are pretty good.  I finally bought an actual copy of Type O's "October Rust" album.  I love that album, and I've been meaning to get it for a while since I already have "Bloody Kisses", and "Life is Killing Me."  

     I saw the teaser trailer for the Black Panther movie, and it looks like it's going to be really good!  It has a great cast, and the visuals so far look great.  It's nice to see a mostly black cast in a super hero film honestly.  It's a breath of fresh air tbh.  I know everyone is still hype about Wonder Woman which was pretty good, but I think marvel has a few tricks up their sleeves with the Black Panther movie.  I'm looking forward to it.  :)

     As for gaming I've been playing Final Fantasy XV since I really need to beat that game.  I realized after my party went to a certain area to complete one of the smaller quests that every time we showed up in that area imperial ships were lurking around.  I mean seriously every time I went  Needless to say I'm debating weather or not I'm going to complete this quest now or just wait until we've all leveled up a bit.  I've also been playing lots of Persona 5, and Persona 3.  I feel like I'm getting the hang of everything better at this point.  I took a bit of a break from P5 for a while because it's such a long game, and I know I'll be playing it for a while.

     Also obliterary Mario Odyssey trailer because I'm in awe with how beautiful this game looks.  This will probably be Mario 64 levels of awesome.  I'm calling it.  
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 So this week was okay.  This past Saturday my friend Elisabeth, and I went to the movies to see Logan.  It turned out to be really good!   I was really impressed with the plot, and the acting of the girl who played is daughter.  Word of warning if you're going to see this movie it gets very emotional towards the end.  In marvel fashion people stayed after the credits only to realize that there was no extra footage after the movie ended lol.  During the previews they showed a preview for a movie called "The Circle."  The plot seems super interesting, and totally up my ally since I tend to like dystopian type plots.  After that we grabbed a bite to eat, and we decided to call it a night.  

As for music I've been listening to the "Self Titled" Deftones album a lot lately.  I really dig the first track off that album a lot.  Their music always makes me wish I had a 7 string guitar.  I love their overall sound a lot.  I've also been listening to My Dying Bride, and a little bit of K-pop here and there because it keeps me awake at work.  

As for gaming I just recently purchased the HD Remaster of the first Resident Evil game, Mortal Kombat XL, and Battlefield 4.  I've been enjoying all of them so far.  Resident Evil looks really good remastered, and I've been working my way through the mansion pretty easily as Jill.  The first time I played it I played it as Chris, and failed miserably because he doesn't get nearly advantages as Jill does initially at the start of the game.  As for Mortal Kombat XL I was pleased that I still remembered a lot of the characters combos from the older games.  The fatalities are a lot easier on the newer game which sort of makes me sad, but it's not a huge issue.  The game is really gorey, but of course that doesn't bother me in the slightest.  I like the single player content for this game a lot more than Street Fighter V.  Capcom could take a lesson from this game on how to make decent single player content for Street Fighter in the future.  

Also I finally managed to get a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii!  It's arriving today in the mail so I'm looking forward to it. :D

As for books I have kindle unlimited for 60 days so I've been taking advantage of that.  Right now I'm still reading "Ash" by Malinda Lo, Valis by Philip Dick, "Between Heaven and Hell" by David Burnett, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
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 Today I got my car serviced, and afterwards I decided to take a trip to the used book store.  I love going to the book store to see what type of gems I might luck upon.  I actually saw a few really cool video games, but they apparently knew how much they were worth so I steered clear of buying any games.  I looked around for a bit until I picked up a few things.  

The guy behind the counter told me he liked my shirt.  I had on my Resident Evil "Umbrella Corporation" shirt.  He also remarked that I had great taste in games, and he joked that the store would be in trouble if I kept buying stuff xD!  Needless to say I had a good day out at the book store by myself.  

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I found a cool double disc compilation of Loudness's music.  Loudness is a Japanese 80's heavy metal band that I enjoy.  Their album "Thunder in the East" is a huge favorite of mine in terms of 80's heavy metal.  I bought "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury because I've always wanted to read it.  I also got "Mythmaker" by Skinny Puppy, Self Titled by Deftones, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess official strategy guide.  I've been playing that game a lot lately, and I really felt like I needed the strategy guide.  Plus it has awesome color pictures, and official artwork.  

I also bought myself, and my parents some food from Chipotle so my mom wouldn't have to cook.  She cooks everyday for us so I figured I would give her a break.  :)

My friend and I are supposed to go see "Logan" this Saturday after work.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Truth be told Wolverine has always been one of my favorite X-Men characters.  So I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie.  Here's the trailer on youtube for anyone who hasn't seen it.  I hope you all are enjoying your week so far. 
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 Well I decided not to go to Akon this weekend.  The main reason I didn't go is because my friend ended up having to work, and I just didn't want to spend the money only to go by myself.  Going to any sort of convention alone is a real drag.  I went alone one year and I was absolutely miserable.  That said since I had today off anyway I just decided to spend most of the day doing a few things around the house, and watch some movies.  Some of the movies were good, and some had crappy endings.  

I watched a few movies with Amber Heard in them.  I'll never understand why people spew such vitriol against domestic violence victims.  I get people love Johnny Depp or whatever, but that shouldn't cloud anyone's judgement about how he treats his wife.  He's more than capable of being a violent asshole, and has a history of being violent.  Either way I'm rooting for Amber Heard because she's pretty brave to speak out about the abuse despite being bashed by the public.  The only thing people seem to see is that he's Johnny Depp and he couldn't possibly do something like that.  I guess it shatter's their perfect/idol image of them and they can't come to grips with it.  I usually believe the victim in these cases.  I've been seeing so many misogynistic comments about her on social media it makes me sick.  I've never been a fan of Johnny Depp anyway, and I guess that's why I'm not shocked or surprised at all about any of this.

The movies I watched or re-watched were:

  • Jennifer's Body (I love this movie sfm!)
  • All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)
  • And Soon The Darkness (2010)
  • Circle (2015)
I've also been listening to some new music.  I got the new Katatonia album, and I got my vinyl/CD version of the new Lacuna Coil album.  I also listened to the new Thrice album which is pretty awesome.  I really dig all the songs including this one.  I really love that song off their new album.  I remember listening to "The Illusion of Safety", and now to the new album and thinking their sound matured so much over the years. I have to go to work tomorrow, and Monday (boo overtime D:)  So I'm going to go do some reading or watch dvds.  

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 So today turned out really well.  My mom, and myself had initially planned to go out to eat for my birthday around 5pm or so, but since my sister had something to do we changed it to 3pm.  Everybody met up with us at the restaurant including my family from out of town.  I actually had a really good time.  I drinking a bit did loosen me up because I had a strawberry margarita.  Either way I was successfully able to engage with my family, and I was very pleased with how well I did.  

My best friend posted on twitter that she was having a difficult day, and I sent her a tweet asking if everything was okay.  She told me she'd just had a rough day at work.  I realized how much she's probably been struggling lately with her new job, and her family sort of controlling her life.  It makes me realize that I really need to be a better friend to her, and check in on her every now and then.  We're supposed to go to the movies tomorrow to see X-Men: Apocalypse.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm not a huge fan of many of the X-Men films, but I'm a huge fan of the comics, and have been reading them since I was 10 years old.  That being said I hope this movie is decent, and won't be too disappointing.  I didn't really care for the last X-Men film with the exception of Quicksilver's character.  Otherwise I thought it was pretty lame.  Either way I'm going to see this one because I'm definitely an X-Men fan, and I want to know what happens in this movie.  The trailer did look somewhat promising so we'll see tomorrow.

I was on twitter I believe and I saw an article about a 1970's Japanese anime that was getting an official re-release on dvd called "Belladonna of Sadness" (哀しみのベラドンナ.)  Apparently it was considered one of the first erotic cartoons ever made, and it was produced by Mushi production. Despite being created at Mushi it was the only film from this trilogy not written or directed by Osamu Tezuka (Astroboy, Black Jack.)   The trailer looks really interesting, and I'm always interested in checking out really old animation films since it's been a love of mine for a long time.  It definitely looks very psychedelic, and really reminds me of the 70s.  The music is really interesting as well.  I'm definitely going to check this out when it's officially released.  It's pretty strange though I must warn you.  I have somewhat weird taste in art, but that goes without saying xD!   Read more... )
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 This week was good.  My cousin decided to throw a going away party for my aunt who's going to Kuwait in January.  She'll be gone for 45 days, and then she'll be coming home.  She works for the military, and she's always been the adventurous type so she's really set on going.  The party was fun.  My mom's sister has a daiquiri shop that also serves food so that's where they had the party.  It was a good atmosphere, and it was nice spending time with family and friends.

So Christmas is next week, and I'm getting into the Christmas spirit slowly but surely.  My mom made Christmas cookies today that turned out great.  My parent's are also having some renovating done on their master bathroom so we've had people coming and going working in the bathroom.  They'll be finished with part of it tomorrow, and then other people are coming to do the flooring part.  

Tomorrow my mom and I are supposed to finish up on some Christmas shopping.  I have to get gifts for a few other people, and I refuse be caught in the last minute crowd next week so we're doing it tomorrow.  

As for fandom related things I saw the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer recently, and I have to say I was impressed.  I didn't expect much going in because many of the X-Men films are really hit or miss, but judging from the trailer this one is going to be very interesting.  I'll hold my final judgement until I actually see the film, but the trailer seems promising.  I'm a huge fan of the comics, and honestly I need to revisit the "Age of Apocalypse" arc in the original comics. 

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Last week was pretty good.  I ended up going to my youngest cousin's 1st birthday party Sunday evening after work at peter piper pizza.  It ended up being a really nice party, and I had fun seeing the little munchkin enjoying her first birthday.  She ran around in a pink tutu until she tired herself out xD! 

I was very pleased to hear about the ruling for marriage equality.  Living here in Texas I knew that our state politicians have been very reluctant to rule in favor of same-sex marriage.  I was so glad to hear that they finally did.  I was at work when I heard about it, and I heard a few people make some really homophobic comments.  It's a strange dynamic living in the south when people openly spew such hatred, and vitriol.  I've never understood that because I could never understand why you would treat anyone differently for any reason.  Anyway, I ended up having to delete a couple of family members on facebook for some of their bigoted views.  I have a zero tolerance rule when it comes to any sort of bigotry, racism, or any sort of isms really. 

In other news I've been slightly regretting not going to Warped Tour after watching some videos of some of the bands performing.  The main bands I wanted to see were Citizen, Memphis Mayfire (local band woot!), We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, Being As An Ocean, and PVRIS.  So honestly not enough bands for me to warrant going to such an event.  I guess I'm just itching to go to a show this year since I went to 2 last year. 

I've been meaning to watch a few anime titles I've added to my list on netflix, but I haven't gotten around to it.  I'll probably do that over the next few days.  I did watch the original Poltergeist movie from 1982, and I'm still wondering why they even attempted to remake that movie.  The original movie is perfect.

Also the new Chelsea Wolfe video is awesome!  I can't wait until her new album drops in august.  I'm adding to the many new album releases I'm looking forward to this year.  This song has a very industrial, sort of drone, doom feel. 

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 Since I can never think of a title I feel like that one fits.  I'm sitting here watching "Pretty in Pink", and realizing that I'm a sucker for 80's movies.  I like a lot of 70's movies too because I like the occasional occult horror films from that era, and the 70's horror films in general.  Netflix always helps give my fix for those sort of films whenever I'm in the mood for them.  So far I've watched Twin Peaks, some of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), 3 Women, The Prophecy, and a few others.  

Aside from that I've been watching "Game of Thrones" lately, and I enjoy it!  I was initially apprehensive about starting that series, but I do like period based shows so I figured I would give it a try.  It's a pretty good show with a lot of action going on constantly.  The people in the capital are pretty ruthless just like I figured they would be.  King Jeoffrey is a masochistic douche-bag, and his mother isn't that much better.  I do like John Snow, and I feel really bad for him.  Anyway I'm on season 3 now so things have been getting interesting.  I'll be caught up with the series before I know it.

I decided on getting myself a Nintendo Wii for my birthday.  I'm going to order it this Friday whenever I get payed.  I asked a friend for some game recommendations, but she's more of a Nintendo DS person so she couldn't offer too much help.  I've been browsing amazon trying to find some games I might like.  I haven't played any current video games in years so I have a lot of catching up to do.  I did find a few games that I think I might like.  

I've been having issues with my car since yesterday.  I went to drive to the store that afternoon but my engine light came on.  My dad called a family friend, and he's going to look into it, and try to fix the problem.  There goes that money I had saved up.  Oh well...

I told my sister I was considering getting a tattoo and she was like "YOUR GETTING THE TATTOO!  I'M NOT LETTING YOU BACK OUT ON THIS!  I'LL GO WITH YOU!"  lol.  My sister is pretty crazy.  I know she's serious though so I guess I'd better get ready for it xD!  
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     Last week was really fun.  My friend Elizabeth, and I went to the movies Friday night and settled for seeing "Avengers: Age of Ultron."  We'd initially planned on seeing "Insurgent", but since it had conflicting times at one theater we decided to see Age of Ultron at another theater. 

      The movie was really good!  I'm not a fan of the Avengers series by any means, and I only saw the first movie, but this one was really good.  They had a lot of good funny scenes between many of the characters, especially Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.  The special effects were really great!  Especially the last scene where they had to save this city from being destroyed completely.  Despite myself being more of a fan of the X-men series (not the movies mind you), I'll probably buy this movie on DVD.  I really enjoyed it.
     I've been considering getting a tattoo for my birthday.  If I do get one it won't be anything huge, but probably on my right shoulder.  I'm still trying to flesh out exactly what I want.  I was leaning towards certain song lyrics with maybe an accompanying graphic to go with it.  I've been checking out local tattoo parlors, and reading different information on getting tattooed etc.  I'm not sure at this point that I'll actually go through with it since I'm completely terrified of how painful it would be, but I want to do something nice for my 30th birthday.  My friend will be coming with me if I decide to do it of course because I'm chicken xD!  
     I think I want a new stereo for my birthday.  I have a nice set up for my record player, but my current mp3/CD player is pretty small, and it doesn't even have have a headphone jack.  My mom bought it for me a few years ago so it's a bit old.   I'm not sure if I'll get anything from any of my other family members since most of them forgot my birthday last year, but either way I'll buy myself something.  I kind of want a new video game system, but I'm not sure that's a major want right now since I only get in the mood to play video games every blue moon.  I'll price a few systems either way.  
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Happy belated Valentines day to you all.  Last week was good.  Last Wednesday my family took my grandmother out to eat for her birthday.  We had a great time, and it felt wonderful spending time with my family again.  It was just a few of us, but my grandmother felt loved on her birthday. :)

I got a few things I ordered last week, and I'll post pics of everything once it all comes.  It's mostly music, a dvd, and some clothes.  I got pretty good deals on everything so I was happy about that.  

My mom really wants to see "50 Shades of Gray" at the movies, Read more... )
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My friend made a surprise visit last week, and she really surprised me with this awesome gift!  I'd mentioned to her sometime last year that I wanted this album on CD, and she went and found it for me on vinyl~  Needless to say my friend is awesome, and I'm lucky to be friends with someone like her. :)

As for other music there have been a bunch of new albums coming out recently that I've been enjoying.  I'll probably make a few Album of the Year posts pretty soon.  It will be something that I'll have to plan out since I've enjoyed many new albums that have come out this year.  But expect those post sometime in the near future.  

As for other things happening this week my parents went out of town for a funeral over the weekend.  I didn't go with them since I had to work so that means I had the house to myself.  I didn't really do anything despite that though xD!  Whenever I got home from work I just pretty much chilled out, watched TV, ate dinner, and ended up falling asleep somewhat early both on Friday, and Saturday.
Last Thursday my friend asked me to go to the movies with her after I got off work so we went to see "Dracula Untold", and it was really good.  I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was because I didn't know what to expect.  We had a good time, and it was just fun catching up with my friend.  We plan on seeing Mockingjay: Part 1 together whenever it comes out as well.  
Halloween is this Friday, and I don't really have any plans to be honest.  I'll be at work most of the day so after work I just plan to take it easy, and maybe watch some horror movies or something.  
Today I just plan on taking it easy, and catching up on my shows.  I started watching Gotham but I'm really behind.  I need to fix that, and catch up on a few episodes. 
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 Since last week was my birthday I ended up being busy most of the week.  As I mentioned in the previous post the concert was last Thursday, and it was awesome!  I got to meet Lacuna Coil which was a very pleasant surprise.  It didn't hit me until it was finally my turn to meet the band, and for the most part I couldn't really figure out what to say to them except for the usual "Hi"  lol.  

That Sunday we ended up going out to eat at an Italian restaurant for my birthday.  I enjoyed it for the most part, but the food was sort of meh in my opinion.  I decided to go to this place because I wanted to try something different.  My lasagna was pretty good, but  the spaghetti was really bland for the most part.  Overall though I had a good time spending time with family.
That following Wednesday me and Mom ended up going to see "X-Men Days Of The Future Past" in 3D, and when we got in the people actually forgot to give us the 3D Glasses when we paid for our tickets, so we had to go back and get them.  I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I thought I would.  Quicksilver was the highlight of the movie for me.  

I'll be attending Akon this Friday with my friend.  I'm looking forward to it!  I don't think I went last year because I didn't want to go alone, and she wasn't able to go.  So this year it should be fun.  It turns out they're having it at a different hotel this time.  

Also here's a picture of my autographed Lacuna Coil poster.  I ended up going and getting a poster frame for it since it's autographed and everything.  :)Read more... )
As for music I've been listening to different things.  I got around to checking out Taeyang's newest MV, and while I thought he MV was lackluster I really like the song.  I will just be honest, and say that I honestly like his solo music a lot more than Big Bang's music as a group.  Big Bang's music hasn't really impressed me since "Remember" to be quite honest.  I do pay attention to Taeyang's solo stuff though because I think he's really talented.  

As for other music I watched the new B.A.P video, and while I think it's really cute the song does absolutely nothing for me.  I think it's really boring, and generic to be honest.  

I've mostly been listening to a lot of other music besides kpop, which is the norm for me these days.  I've mostly been listening to Swans, Plasticzooms, Peter Murphy's newest album, Shores of Null, Wire, Wolves in the Throne Room, X (not X-Japan but the Punk band X), SPK, Winter Severity Index, Animals As Leaders, Deafheaven, Donawhale, and Wild Nothing

Here are a few videos by 2 of my current favorite bands The Damned, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.  The Damned is a punk band that's been around since the late 70's, and they were known for their crazy stage antics, and their front-man Dave Vanian, who dresses like a vampire for most of their  I'm sure your familiar with Siouxsie and the Banshees because I talk about them way too much.  They're just that awesome IMO.
lol these guys are nuts, but at least they knew how to have fun.  :D

 Now were gonna dance to a different song  )


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